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$7 Per Intake
  • Benefit Checks


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  • Benefit Checks
  • Data-Entry
  • Authorization/Referral Management


$12 Per Intake
  • Benefit Checks
  • Data-Entry

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my staff send you patient intakes?

Your staff can send patient intakes either through email or by fax. We provide our clients with customized intake forms with their logo and practice information on them.

How will I be alerted once benefits are checked?

Our administrative team will send you an email, alerting you that benefits have been checked and data-entry will be completed. Once data-entry is complete, all patient information will then be scanned into your EMR system (i.e. benefit form, intake form, insurance card, etc).

How soon are benefits checked after the patient intake form is received?

Our administrative staff checks the benefits within 24 hours of the patient's initial evaluation. This allows our staff to obtain the most accurate benefits regarding the out-of-pocket maximums and patient responsibility. 

What if a patient reschedules to a more recent date?

If you have already sent us the patient intake form but the patient's appointment was rescheduled to a more recent date then please send us an email to notify our staff, so they can obtain benefits within the 24 hour time frame. 

How often do you run authorization/referral reports?

Our administrative staff runs reports weekly so we can manage all active patients and obtain any required authorization extensions, with no interruption of treatment. 

Can I cancel my contract?

You can cancel your contract at any time.

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