About Account Matters

Account Matters

Account Matters is a women and veteran-owned business. After years of consulting, Diane McCutcheon, owner of Diane McCutcheon Business Management Consulting Services, Inc. and Stacey Fitzsimmons saw a need to provide practice owners with the option of outsourcing their billing function. Stacey, the President and COO of Account Matters, has built a team of PT, OT, and SLP billing experts to handle all billing and collections for our clients. 

Our Specialty

At Account Matter, we offer more than anyone else. We offer clients the entire package. A member from our team will take you through all your services, administrative, billing or credentialing. Our employees are strong in communication, and we promise that you will be assisted by a reliable team. We believe that trust plays a vital role in our operations and to ensure that, we maintain complete transparency.

Account Matters