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Full Service Billing

Is there a long-term contract for your billing services?

No. We don’t make you commit to a long-term contract, we let our billing services speak for themselves. Your contract with Account Matters is month-to-month and providers can cancel at any time, we do require a 30-day cancellation notice.

How much does your billing services cost?

Our fees are based on a variety of factors, such as patient volume and monthly revenue. For a personalized quote for your rehab therapy practice, please fill out this form.

What do I need to get started?

When you sign on with Account Matters, we will send you our Client Set Up Form which outlines all of the information our staff will need to manage your revenue cycle. This information includes company information (Tax-ID, NPI, Billing System, Clearinghouse, etc) and provider information (NPI, Provider IDs, etc.)

What kind of reports does Account Matters offer?

We can provide owners and staff with a variety of reports. The most important report that we offer is our unique month-end report that provides a snapshot of your business and highlights key insights (total charges, avg # of units/visit, avg charge/visit, etc.)

Account Matters
Account Matters


What is Credentialing?

Credentialing is the process in which an insurance company verifies that a healthcare professional has the necessary education and training to provide treatment to their members. This process includes verifying the provider's education, license, specialty, and work history. 

Credentialing proves the legitimacy of a healthcare provider and is done by insurance companies when joining their network. Credentialing is often required whether you are in-network or out-of-network with an insurance company. Once a provider is credentialed, they are eligible to become contracted with the insurance they choose. 

How long does the Credentialing process take?

Each insurance company has their own credentialing process with their own unique timeline. For most commercial insurance companies the credentialing and contracting process can take 45-120 days.

What events require credentialing/updating insurance companies?

Some examples of events your business could experience that would require some level of credentialing/enrollment:

  • Changing your primary practice address, billing address, or correspondence address
  • Adding an additional practice location
  • Adding a provider to an existing contract
  • New tax-ID change 
  • Legal business name change
How much do you charge for Credentialing?

Our fees for Credentialing depend on the number of insurance companies you are looking to join and how many providers you are looking to enroll. For a customized quote, please fill out this form.

What is the benefit of outsourcing the credentialing process?

Outsourcing your credentialing to experts can save your staff time and frustration. Experts in credentialing know the processes to enroll groups and providers with insurance panels quickly and efficiently. Outsourcing the credentialing process means no long waits on-hold with insurance companies for a stress-free enrollment.

Account Matters
Account Matters

APC Training

Who is the Administrative Power Center (APC) Training for?

The Administrative Power Center is for every member of a rehab therapy private practice. We offer trainings specifically for front desk specialists, billing staff, and owners/office managers. Each training module will teach your staff the proven process for getting paid right the first time.

Is this on-site training or a webinar?

Your staff can attend the Administrative Power Center training at our facility in Bellingham, MA or via webinar. Our webinars are one-on-one with your staff and we highly encourage your staff to ask questions during the training.

How long is the Administrative Power Center training?

Administrative Power Center trainings held at our facility are 6-8 hours. Administrative Power Center training via webinar is 2 hours.

Can multiple employees attend the APC webinar from different sites?

Yes. Our webinar software allows multiple users to join the meeting from different locations so regardless of how many clinic locations you have, your staff will be able to view the webinar and ask questions that are most pressing to them.

Account Matters
Account Matters

Admin Services

How does my staff send you patient intakes?

Your staff can send patient intakes either through email or by fax. We provide our clients with customized intake forms with their logo and practice information on them.

How will I be alerted once benefits are checked?

Our Administrative team will send you an email, alerting you that benefits have been checked and data-entry will be completed. Once data-entry is complete, all patient information will then be scanned into your EMR system. (IE. benefit form, intake form, insurance card, etc).

How soon are benefits checked after the patient intake form is received?

Our Administrative staff checks the benefits within 24 hours of  the patient's initial eval. This allows our staff to obtain the most accurate benefits regarding the out-of-pocket maximums and patient responsibility. 

What if a patient reschedules to a more recent date?

If you have already sent us the patient intake form but the patient's appointment was rescheduled to a more recent date then please send us an email to notify our staff, so they can obtain benefits within the 24 hour time frame. 

How often do you run authorization/referral reports?

Our Administrative staff runs reports weekly so we can manage all active patients and obtain any required authorization extensions, with no interruption of treatment. 

Can I cancel my contract?

You can cancel your contract at any time.

Account Matters