Account Matters Services

Account Matters

Account Matters offers full range of services in providing robust account management and billing services. We have over 20 years of experience in delivering quality and trusted services.

We are an all-women and a veteran-owned company.

Full-Service Billing & Collections

We strive to maximize your cash flow with our full range of robust services. We make sure that there is high accuracy in billing.

We are your team of experts, and we also provide bill collection services.

  • Daily claims submission - 98% success rate.
  • Daily payment posting.​
Account Matters
Short-Term Billing Services

Don't let an employee’s absence impede your cash flow. We offer billing services for a wide range of cover.​​

  • Vacations.
  • Disability leave.
  • Maternity leave.
  • All other absences.
Accounts Receivable Clean Up

We offer easy solutions to clean up accounts receivables with our quality accounting services. For collecting receivables, we re-bill, appeal, and take any other action that’s necessary to collect your money.

  • Assess your accounts receivable.
  • Determine what can and cannot be collected.
  • Assess and write off any uncollectable accounts.
Credentialing (Provider Enrollment)

Through credentialing, we help you with easy verification of your medical credentials. With our experience in processing credentials for a long time, we know how to help you better.

  • Timely processing guaranteed.
  • Successful application submittals.
  • Consistent follow-up until complete.​
Front Desk Training (Administrative Power Center)

Our Administrative Power Center was created exclusively for rehab therapy front desk staff. Our experts teach your staff "the proven process for getting paid right the first time". Topics include:

  • From the first phone call to payment for services.
  • Data entry.
  • Benefit checks.
  • Authorization/referral management.
Billing Training

Billing is essential to create account distinction between receivables and expenditures. When it comes to billing, we provide training to ensure that there are zero errors.

  • We train your staff on your system.
  • We train them to pull reports.
  • We train them on Accounts Receivable management.
Administrative Services

Save your front desk staff’s time with our efficient administrative services. Our accurate data-entry services help to reduce rejected claims so you get paid right the first time.

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